1. Press the “ORDER NOW” button on our homepage.
  2. Press “View Menu” on the Yoello page
  3.  Choose what food you would like
  4. •Press “View Cart”
  5. •Press “Checkout”
  6. •Choose your collection slot
  7. •Pay

Yes. You can come into the shop and order at the till although, we have limited cooking capacity at the moment and can only cook so many orders at a time. 

If we are very busy and all of the online slots are full, then we may struggle to accommodate you so the safest option is to book a slot online.

Unfortunately we do not offer delivery at the moment. We may consider it in the future, but to ensure you receive your food as fresh as possible we are currently only making it fresh to collect.

Yes. All of our fries are vegetarian & gluten-free. Our chicken wings are gluten-free, and we also offer the option to switch the bun on any of our burgers to a gluten-free bun. 

The food will still be prepared on the same surfaces as everything else, so there may still be minute traces of gluten present. 

We are currently open from 16:00-21:00 Thursday-Sunday.

We plan to increase our opening times in the near future!

Yes, you can pre-order before we open. Just follow the standard procedure for ordering online. 

You cannot pre-order for days in advance. Only on the day you wish to collect your food.